Social Outreach

As a mental health advocate for several years, I have participated in many social causes to help others. Life is about making an impact for the common good. I enjoy being a part of a larger purpose than myself and recognize that we all benefit when we work together. I have partnered with several organizations, such as: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP),  Autism Speaks, and CARE to raise funds for advocacy, education, and research.

I believe living an empowered, healthy and well-balanced life are the ultimate keys to happiness, fulfillment, and success.

You are invited to watch my short interview in the documentary "Documenting Our Presence", which focuses on people with mental illness and their families, as well as mental health advocates, medical practitioners and government agencies coming together to support through education and awareness.


· Autism Speaks

· American Foundation For Suicide Prevention


· National Alliance on Mental Illness

· Small Business Initiative

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